Several times I tried to start Thinking-by-writing but all the times failed and couldn't identified the reason. This is my yet another attempt :) This time I decided to do it in English, why? Last 11 years English is my working language - all the projects I participate are x-country and my assumption is that as I tend to think about my project in English, use the English concepts - so let’s see...What are the possible risks for this approach?

  • my understanding of System Thinking concepts in English might be not correct (lost in translation) - so there  is a cunning plan: while studying System Management (SMS25) in a group with Anatoly - I will have an opportunity to test / fix my understanding
  • what about other than work projects? For the personal one I’m still thinking in Russian... - so for that I need to keep an eye and see how this will do - so far no mitigation plan

And I just realized that to be able to communicate my ideas within System Management course - I have to be familiar with English version of “Introduction to System Thinking” by Tseren Tserenov - so I’ve included it into my curriculum for this week. I understand that it might have gaps with Practical System Thinking (for Scale-less as an example - v.3.0 of System Engineering) -  but as a source of aligned English concepts/terms - it will help.


  1. English is OK. But carefully: systemS thinking, systemS management (in a textbook there was original terms. When "системный" you should use "systems" or "systemic".
  2. There is "Systems Thinking 2020", two version before "Practical Systems Thinking 2022", better use it than "Introduction" (that is rather old already. from 2019 and too lightweight for you. This is for preliminary courses only). "Systems Thinking 2020" available in your subscription, it is last course in a list of courses there.

Good plan! Another language is the another way how we think. I posted here about it:

There is a link to a TED video about this topic. May be it will support you on your way. 

Welcome on board:) Introduction to SM is now available, and it is almost well-translated by volunteers and professional translators. Check out our website The Systems thinking course could be comprehended a bit more difficult. And yes, its version now is 2020. We’ll be back to translate new versions after the Systems engineering course translation is done. Contact me on telegram @IvanMetelkin if you need more information. I’m always happy to help those who pay attention to our English program

ok, thx for the tips!

Hi Ivan, thx! for the guidance!

thx for a link, interesting video! I definitely see how different people speaking different languages pay attention to different aspects of the same situation as described in the video.

What a great idea is to make more posts in English in the light of international development of IAI EEM! I hope I could be helpful at least in commenting some of your notes.
I am personally trying English-version of “Introduction to Systems Thinking”, and I hope sometime to see the whole set of English-language courses for SMS.

hi Nikolay, thx for support! in turn let me encourage you to share yours thoughts here in English, especially you are trying English courses for system thinking