Professional Leisure: The Key to Enhanced Productivity

Elon Musk’s perspective that changing the world requires more than a 40-hour work week resonates with me. While I personally struggle to work 80 hours, even 60 hours a week is demanding. It’s not just about willpower; genuine interest, desire, and seeing positive results are crucial. But equally important is mastering the art of leisure and rest, which is often overlooked.

Just as a professional engineer or hairdresser continuously improves their skills, we should also consider how we prepare our bodies and minds for work. This preparation is as essential for us as creating a hairstyle is for a hairdresser or building an airplane for an engineer.

However, most people approach rest and leisure non-professionally, defaulting to passive activities like watching TV or scrolling through social media. These methods might offer relaxation, but they might not be the most effective way to recharge. For those who work intensively, it’s vital to rest with the same professionalism. This includes avoiding habits that impede rest, like smoking or excessive drinking.

I propose a shift in thinking about rest not in days or weeks, but in hours (if you use pomidoro timer daily you probably have 5 mins of relaxation after each pomidoro). This approach allows for daily, effective rest, integrating work and leisure seamlessly, even on vacations. Active physical activities, such as fitness, tennis, golf, and daily physical therapy, are as important as mental shifts through varied roles. Engaging in different activities like playing piano, writing, or blogging helps switch roles and provides more effective relaxation than mere idleness (although I have to say sometimes when I do not feel like doing anything i just lay for 10 mins not doing anything and all of the sudden I want to start doing something - try it).

Managing leisure across different time intervals—hourly breaks, daily exercises, weekly activities, and quarter/annual trips—helps build a multi-level barrier against fatigue and burnout. This approach mirrors the professional preparation athletes undergo for peak performance.

In summary, to be a successful doer, one must become a professional in leisure and rest. This approach not only allows for more productive work hours but also enriches life, making it more interesting and fulfilling.

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