Ideas after Day 1 of SMS training

This Sunday we had first day of SMS training with Anatoly, and here are some ideas captured my attention during the day

First of all - I've clarified System-of-interest definition if previously grounding example for it was: Mr. J. Smith has bought in a shop a Chocolate bar and paid $1, now it is Mr. J. Smith consumed and enjoyed a Chocolate bar - this is final physical point of quite a long way of enabling systems between my System-in-hand till System-of-Interest.

As during Sundays trainings/seminars we touch a wide range of different topics - I've captured several interesting points which resonated with my work

  1. Informing principle: Inform about your managerial orders your Systems-in-the-environment so that they can correct their behavior and their management orders. My first reaction was - it's obvious, but then I realized - it's obvious when you look at the Enterprise and your team from Systems Thinking point of view, but it's not so obvious for others. So I noted for myself to keep an eye on orders my team issue and work with managers of my Systems-in-the-environment to do the same
  2. Be careful not to mix System levels and chains of enabling system. As you need to distinguish let's say depth of one system, and several systems where one enabling another. And enabling here is not supplying with materials or information during operation time, it's creating/developing/retiring across whole life cycle(s). While thinking on that I found that first iteration of defining enabling systems in my case might be an example of it. I've defined this chain of enabling systems as: Procurement -> Manufacturing -> Distribution -> Sales. Now I realize that Procurement does not create and developing Manufacturing, it just supplies it with materials inside operational time. So it is System-in-the-Surrounding for Manufacturing. But there should be Manufacturing creators/architects/"Devops" to be an enabling system for Manufacturing.