How to publish homework

Thinking through writing is an essential practice to augment the intellect. Since details could be partly having aside of your attention, not less important is to get feedback. Our educational platform, Aisystant, already has the form to fill up, and a course adviser could check your homework.

As you understand, a tool for realizing the practice of thinking through writing is not a key. For publishing, you can use any application you prefer. The meaning of sharing your thoughts with your peers is to improve your comprehension and get more insights.

Here we describe how it could be done in

  1. Create a new document. You can name it, for example, "O&C Homework".
  2. Create a new page in this document and name it "Homework #1".

3. Complete the task on this page for the chapter.
4. Share the doc and change access settings to "Anyone with the link" -> "Can comment".

5. Copy the doc link and paste it to the comment field on your Aisystant work page.

Your adviser and peers can easily access your answers and provide feedback.

See you in class!