Why Enlightenment is Important in Business

There is to change public opinion about higher education. We believe that a modern person will have to receive higher education several times in his or her life (3–5 times). Now people reject even the first higher education, but if we offer a modern fundamental program, people will go for studying. After all, there is no other way to quickly gain universal knowledge for work and life. It takes a long time to gain experience without proper theory, and can lead to fatal errors.

New cultural code assumes that if a person wants to be always in demand, then he or she will have to go through updating their fundamental education for 1–2 years in each decade. When we manage to enter it into the cultural code, there will be more intellectual people, and the world will be able to change for the better. Moreover, we will achieve our business goals. This is exactly why it is necessary to have a good understanding of enlightenment practices, to separate them from marketing, sales and training.

Many people think that it is impossible to build a business in the field of enlightenment. We argue that any business that consciously engages in enlightenment has great prospects. Potentially, the market of higher enlightenment, given constant emergence of new knowledge, can be endless. Creating a global business that dramatically changes the world for the better is much more tempting than making a deal with your conscience for a selfish purpose of making money.