How to measure the caliber of personality?

The caliber of a person is determined by the breadth and complexity of a person’s interests. The breadth of interests is quite simple — it is knowledge in various fields of activity. But the complexity of interests requires clarification.

The complexity of interests can be associated with the complexity of the systems being created and their relevance. But we are not always talking about already created systems for a large number of people. A person of a large caliber of personality can reflect on time outside of his life. Subsequent generations often created the most complex systems conceived by significant figures.

Sometimes the caliber of a person is compared to a dream. In this regard, I remember the film “Courier” ending, where the main character realizes his friend’s dream, gives him his coat and recommends dreaming about something significant.

An ordinary person thinks about his home, including his family. The concept of “home” is essential for every person, but it is different for every person. And I would say different in the caliber of personality. Do you consider the landing your home, and do you think about the neighbors? Are the yard and other residents of the area your home? Hometown and region are also home for many. The country and the motherland are also our home. Patriots stop at this system level. But you don’t have to do that. You can also fight at the family level. A lot of people have suffered from domestic quarrels and murders of relatives. People with a large caliber of personality think about systems at the level of humanity and do not get hung up on even at the level of their native country. Home is the planet Earth or even the universe.

The caliber of personality is determined by the system level at which a person plans and tries to create systems. Someone is building a home for his family. Someone is thinking about how to master Mars and make humanity an interplanetary species. So everyone can evaluate their current caliber of personality based on the system level at which they are already creating or thinking about creating systems. Of course, there are still many nuances. For example, they are projecting and lack the necessary skill to work with difficulties.

Not everyone can improve their skills overnight to think about complex systems for humanity. But people can gradually increase their personality caliber throughout life and even think beyond it. To do this, a person needs to realize this concept, change his worldview regarding the systems being conceived, and invest in developing his life skills.

All children dream, but then they slip into the mundane and dream of a coat, an apartment, a car, and a remote job with a good salary. The secret is that if you create successful systems at high levels, everything will likely be fine at the lower levels.

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