How to live longer

According to the systems approach, our body can be viewed as a modular component that operates in various systems and situations. It fulfills the roles of athlete and thinker, brings us pleasure and at times causes problems. Therefore, our body, including the brain, needs to be nurtured through specific practices. By recognizing this, we can maximize our longevity by identifying and eliminating factors that negatively impact it.

Just like any other machine, wear and tear is a natural occurrence over time, and to extend its lifespan, regular maintenance and careful use is crucial. The human body is no exception. By implementing practices for life extension, taking preventative measures against diseases, and eliminating negative habits, one can increase their lifespan and improve the quality of life, known as healthspan.

Investing your time in the following five areas can lead to improved health and longevity:

  1. Body diagnosis and recovery;
  2. Rest, fitness, diet, and supplements;
  3. Elimination of harmful habits;
  4. Monitoring and managing emotional stress;
  5. Intellectual development and enhancement.

Maintaining the body through routine diagnostic and recovery practices, such as visiting health resorts and wellness retreats, is crucial for overall health. Taking time to rest, including proper sleep and work breaks, as well as practicing a healthy fitness and diet regimen, can improve both physical appearance and immune system function.

Eliminating negative habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, and excessive screen time frees up time and extends lifespan. Monitoring and managing emotional stress through self-reflection and mindfulness practices is important for maintaining inner peace and reducing anxiety. Intelligence can greatly enhance one’s life, making it happier and more successful. Developing intelligence can be done through studying and mastering the foundational disciplines of Aisystant’s methodological stack.

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