What the Avatar Teaches Us

I have watched both parts of the popular movie Avatar, but I was not impressed with the authors’ portrayal of people from Earth. Most of them are depicted as insidious, wanting to take over the planet’s resources and destroy its inhabitants, flora, and fauna. Although the movie was designed to be action-packed, it made me wonder if humanity could ever develop interplanetary travel, transport equipment and people across millions of light years, and develop technologies that enable consciousness transfer to other living beings while still grappling with human greed, resource exploitation, and cruelty.

From my perspective, humanity must first overcome its weaknesses and establish worldwide ethics before achieving any technological breakthrough. Engineers are the key players who can bring about a positive change in the physical world.
Why engineers? Engineering is the practice of changing the physical world for the better. Engineers are less likely to create systems that would lead to the destruction of life, and they would focus on developing ethical and compassionate systems first.

Only when most people can change the world for the better will we be ready to fly to other worlds and achieve a technological breakthrough. However, with new technologies emerging every day, it is critical that they are in the hands of ethical and compassionate individuals to prevent disaster and misery. Until then, we may witness more wars and conflicts similar to those depicted in the movie.

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